6 Tips For Finding Prospects Through Online Media

 While your prospects may or may not be active on social media, you can take measured steps to find out if they are, and then vivaciously engage them on the platform 

Keep in mind: Social selling isn’t something you enter into lightly. It’s more about the conversation than the campaign.

How To Find Prospects Through Online Media:

  1. Know who you’re looking for: My best advice here is that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. You need a clear idea of who your ideal customers are. Start by creating detailed buyer personas for each segment of your business, and dig deep to give them everything from their demographics, to where they shop, and how they look.
  2. Listen: Once you know WHO you’re looking for you may feel like you want to rush out and start engaging all over the place. I find it’s much better to listen first. So take a deep breath and then start honing in (and listening in!) on the groups listed below.
  3. Investigate their circle of influence: A “circle of influence” would consist of your prospect’s most trusted and valued industry partners, employees, and brand advocates.
  4. Connect with the company: Follow your prospect’s online feeds to see what they’re mentioning about goals, needs and events. How can you best leverage this information to get closer to them?
  5. Be competitor curious: There’s a two-pronged approach when thinking about competitors: Your own and the company or business you’re looking to snag. You’ll want to be sure you’re following your own competitors to see how they’re engaging would-be consumers, as well as do your homework on the competitors of the businesses you’re seeking. What keywords and hashtags are they using in the social posts or blogs? Are they having many online conversations?
  6. Utilize tools:
  • Google Alerts: Set up several Google Alerts based on your prospect’s company name, keywords and other nuggets you uncover during your listening and research.
  • Social Mention: Tap into Social Mention weekly to see what insights you can glean around the prospect’s keywords and branding.
  • LinkedIn: By following the company and employees on LinkedIn, you can actively receive updates about any changes going on and be notified when new content (for you to engage with!) goes out.

Your turn. How you do use online media outlets to find potential prospects?

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Fiction Books Which Makes A Great Gift

7 Fiction books which makes a great gift :

Looking for a gift as a book, check these 7 awesome fiction books by Indian authors such as Trust me, it’ll work, The Secret Of The Nagas & The Immortals Of Meluha , Life is what you make it , Those Small Little Things: In Life And Love, Chanakya’s Chant , Malgudi Days , I Too Had A Love Story.. which you can give as a gift. Lets see these fiction books one by one.

Don’t forget to spare some time for him/her to spend time with their family members. Spending time with each other is the best anniversary gifts for him. Just two of you and let the romance bloom within you. 

Note : These fiction books by Indian authors are not listed as per number 1 to 7, its just a unsorted list of selected fiction books. Every fiction book listed here has there own significance and characteristic.

1.Trust me, it’ll work

This is a amazing fiction book by Mohit Naryani who is IT engineer by profession. This fiction book “Trust me, it’ll work” is real blend of romance and humour. People who like the romantic fiction books and want great style of writing , then this is a perfect gift. Trust me it will work as a great gift too.

2.The Secret Of The Nagas & The Immortals Of Meluha

This historical fiction book makes a excellent gift. This is a combo set of two fiction books The Immortals Of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas. Combining these two makes a perfect gift but still you can choose to give only one fiction book. The Immortals Of Meluha is a first novel of Shiva Triology by Amish Tripathi.

Its a great story of Meluha Empire and seriously Amish makes mythology very racy and interesting. Other fiction book which is a The Secret of Nagas which is also a great read. So your loved one likes mythology or history then these fiction books are for them. These two fiction books are one of the well recognised historical fiction books by Indian author.

3.Life is what you make it :

fiction books life is what you make itThis is the another awesome book by Preeti Shenoy after “34 Bubblegums and Candies”. This is very inspiring story of power of determination and faith. This fiction book tells us to believe in our self and make a life which we want in spite of what life throws at you. Very nice gift.

4.Those Small Little Things: In Life And Love

fiction book those small lil things in life and loveThis story is all about the small and little incidents which are connected to everyone’s life and nobody forget it. It is a story of young architect Raj and his journey of life written by Rahul Saini. A great read of journey of life threaded together by LOVE. Good candidate for gift.

5.Chanakya’s Chant

historical fiction bookChanakya’s chant book is one of my favorite historical fiction book ever. This is a story about Chanakya a strategist and a KingMaker. I think this is a perfect gift for young people as it is very well written and fast paced fiction book. Chanakya’s chant is one of best historical fiction books by Indian author written by Ashwin Sanghi, one could ever have in their collection. Truely a great gift ideas candidate.

6.I Too Had A Love Story..

fiction books i too had a love story..This book is all about love. Author Ravinder Singh showers every drop of love and emotions in this book. The story is a very innocent, beautiful and touchy one, you need to experience the emotions every page you read. Very nice gift candidate.

7.Malgudi Days

Who don’t know Malgudi Days, its one of the all time favorite fiction books . Its a very nice collection of stories portraying an astrologer, a snake-charmer,a vendor of pies and chappatis and a postman, really a rainbow of characters. Malgudi days makes great fiction book gift for all.

We have seen seven fiction books which you can give to your loved one. Hope you liked this list of fiction books Trust me, it’ll work, The Secret Of The Nagas & The Immortals Of Meluha, Life is what you make it, Those Small Little Things: In Life And Love , Chanakya’s Chant , Malgudi Days , I Too Had A Love Story… There are chances that some good fiction books may not be in the list, I will update the list when I read other fiction books. These fiction books are not just for your loved one for gift, you can gift yourself as well.

Here are Mother’s Day Gifts ideas for you to make your mother feel special on her day.

Diabetes and Yoga Exercises

Diabetes in numerous varieties affects as much as 5percent of the world population with 12 million diabetics in Western Europe alone. Of the other ways in which diabetes presents, noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) is probably probably the most generally encountered genetic disease. NIDDM or Type 2 Diabetes is multifactorial, relying also on environmental factors together with obesity, sedentary lifestyles and dietary imbalances.

Yoga has proven some helpful ends in curing diabetes. The yoga exercises that are prescribed for curing diabetes is completely different from hatha yoga exercise as a result of it involves positions tailor-made to deal with certain situations, in addition to meditation, rest and stretching exercises.

One of many research carried out to remedy diabetes was the one arrange by the Yoga Biomedical Trust, based in 1982 by biochemist Dr Robin Monro, and an Indian yoga research foundation which found that working towards yoga for 30 minutes a day for one month helped reduce blood glucose levels in some diabetics.

The yoga patients took half in a single or two ninety-minute periods per week and were asked to apply at home. The classes included the precise yoga workouts of the spinal twist, the bow and belly breathing.

At the finish of the 12 weeks blood sugar ranges fell considerably in all patients in the group and have been slightly raised in a control group which had not joined within the yoga sessions. Three yoga students managed to scale back their medication, together with one man who had not changed his drug regime for 20 years.

It has been identified for a long time that train is useful for diabetics. Yoga therapy may help reduce stress ranges which may play a part in maturity onset diabetes. But one disadvantage is that some patients would find it hard to keep up the common classes needed to sustain the benefit. All the sufferers mentioned they wish to see these lessons set up on a everlasting foundation however we dona€™t have the money.

It is not essentially the train element of the yoga remedy package which is most vital, because there’s not sufficient bodily exercise to account for the changes, but stress discount has lots to do with it. Stress hormones enhance sugar levels in the blood. People also profit from the stabilization of their moods which yoga brings, an increased feeling of effectively-being and a feeling of being extra in management, which can help with their food plan control.

Let Innerwear Boost Your Confidence And Gives You A Sexier Look

A stylish girl continually encompasses a smart assortment of bras in several designs, styles, and colors, maintained and kept well in fashionable bra luggage. She’s going to regularly have that one bra for a backless or low back dress, another for a thick neck shirt, another one for a halter neck high and another for an off-shoulder dress

She wears the proper bra for exercise, for work and to seem attractive on a night outdoors. She is aware of her cup size and the way to wear the bra in a very way that produces her look beautiful and feel assured. Her bra information goes a protracted approach in creating her the trendy and assured girl that she is. Yes, you may be amazed at however typically all it takes is that the right attractive bra for a replacement look to form you’re feeling additional assured as you leave your house.

We, women, share an exceptional bond with our ladies sexy bras. There are days after you merely wish to urge eliminate them, there are days after you visit bed with them, then their area unit days you bum around your house in them. In spite of what, whether or not we tend to hate it or am fond of it, we tend to cannot get eliminate this bond. Thus, we tend to wake you any low guide the various sorts of women bras obtainable solely to strengthen this bond.

Sports Bra

Small-chested or chesty, sports bras area unit a vital should if you’re an everyday visitant to the gymnasium. If you have got tried figuring out together with your regular bandeau then you recognize however strong it’s – low support, low coverage, and little breathability, and dealing out with them is hugely uncomforting. Thus, make sure you choose sports bras which provide high comfort, high coverage, and smart breathability. 

Padded Bras

If you wish an additional layer of comfort, softness, and artifact, select cushiony bras. These nightclothes offer volume to smaller breasts and guarantees long-lasting comfort.

Plunge Bras

Finding that right bandeau for that low-neck Anarkali isn’t a simple task. If the work is sweet, comfort is not any no. If it’s comfy, the work goes for a toss. If you have got been scuffling with the incorrect bandeau, then it’s time you thought-about the plunge bra. These women bras have cups that area unit distant from one another and be a part of beside a thin centerpiece.

Push Up Bras

Nobody likes those droopy breasts. And to make sure friendly support and to feature fullness in your breasts, you wish push-up bras. 

Convertible Bra

We, women, have dresses that have different necklines and finding that one right bra that matches well and enhances the dress may be a task unattainable. But wait. Have you ever detected convertible attractive bras? Women Bras that keep company with detachable straps which permit you to set up in numerous ways that, from the crossover to halter neck bras, unsupported to at least one shoulder, to fit your outfit? You wish to urge one for yourself.

Front Closure Bras

What’s the purpose of carrying a bandeau if it doesn’t support your delicate breasts? In spite of however pretty the bra is that if it doesn’t serve its use, there’s no purpose in carrying one. And one such essential bra that produces its thanks to each woman’s wardrobe may be a front closure bra. These teenaged bras have hooks within the front rather not like the regular back closure ones and supply a seamless back.

Full Support Bras

Tired of actuation your low-neck blouses to hide your cleavage? That’s a proof of carrying the wrong bra sort. Strive the complete coverage women t-shirt bras for low-neck crack and conceal your cleavage. That’s not it; these full support bras conjointly offer excellent coverage and uncompromisable support.

Show off somewhat Of Cleavage.

It doesn’t hurt to see and feel attractive at a celebration in a pretty bra that shows off your cleavage, as you toss your hair and sing their praises on the flooring. Bralettes area unit the most effective possibility with tube crack and alternative outfits with low necklines. These lacy bras lack underwires and area unit comfy. Push up bras, on the opposite hand, uplift the breasts for more sexy cleavage and area unit nice with shirts with a coffee cut neck. And, if you’re carrying a dress with a thick and tempting neck, a plunge bra is that the best choice you have got.

For a Flat Chested girl

A padded bra is one of the most effective ways that of enhancing your bust line and creating your bust look fuller thus, you’ll be able to look new female in a saree or the other outfit. Jockey encompasses a vary of sentimental and lightweight, cushiony bras that area unit comfy and might be worn the least bit times.

Heading to the gymnasium

Nothing but a sports bra. Sports bras are the most effective after you are running on a treadmill and fascinating in alternative rigorous physical activity, as they stop your breasts from drooping and searching previously. Make sure that you wear a sports bandeau with the proper size to get pleasure from its full advantages.

Making bras carrying additional attention-grabbing with bras Accessories

If padded bras are what you’re not comfy with, bra pads or petals are choices that you just have. These are extremely reliable as they create your look natural. All you have got to try to is insert them into your bra to allow them to sit on your body. Bra pads become particularly helpful once worn below a swimsuit. Bra tapes are another factor you’ll be able to use to reinforce your cleavage.

Women bras Purchase online

With a spread of sexy bras for ladies online, for an additional attention-grabbing lace bra assortment goes to be fun. Have a glance at the various styles to urge bras that fit your needs dead thus you look hotter and feel additional assured from nowadays.

Buy Bras online

End all the drama you face whereas you window shop for bras at retails stores. Instead, buy bras online. Yes, we all know the size may be a significant concern. However, don’t worry. Online stores have an in-depth size chart that helps you choose the proper size.

3 Tips To Get You Re-Started On Cleaning Up Your Eating Habits

Are you one of the many who vowed to have a healthier life this year? In all your efforts to stay healthy, I’m sure you’ve had the odd cheeseburger or taken a bite from your friend’s chocolate sundae… and felt awful.

Staying healthy can be difficult if you have the wrong mindset. If you’re dead set on losing 40 lbs. for your vacation to Maui, then you’re going to have a hard time succeeding.

Setting your expectations too high is a big reason why 80% of people fail to reach their resolutions on healthy eating.

Everyone wants to be healthy, right? If the goal is to live better and longer, then cleaning up your eating habits should be your ultimate goal.

But, what if you are faced with temptation? Or, everyone in your house isn’t ready to eat clean? Or, you’ve made that resolution to eat healthy and need a kick in the butt to stay motivated?

Well, let’s look at 3 tips to get you back on the wagon and start eating healthy again.

1. Drink More Water

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before, right? Just drink more water. It’s easier said than done. People just aren’t drinking enough water.

According to a Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity study, around half of Americans consume almost 3 cans of soda a day.

A big part of the obesity epidemic is the overconsumption of high-fructose corn syrup. Sugar, in all its processed forms, is bad for you.

But, many people are “addicted” to soda.  The diet version isn’t better for your health either. Drinking diet soda comes with its own host of problems, from kidney decline to weight gain.

So, how do you kick this horrible habit? Slowly.

Drop your soda consumption to only 1 can or glass a day. Replace your soda drinking habit with fruit infused water.

Going from something sugary sweet with a unique flavor to something that doesn’t taste of anything isn’t smooth sailing. So, to ease the transition (again), put some frozen berries or go “growfit” and drop in some sliced cucumber for a mildly tasty effect.

With time, you won’t need that extra caffeine kick or crave that sugary taste. Having one soft drink a day isn’t the best, but it’s better than having 2 or 3 day.

2. Avoid Snacking on Carbs

With all the snack options in the grocery stores lately, you would think it’s a requirement for people to snack throughout the day. Well, it isn’t.

If you stick to eating whole foods for your meals, there’ll be no need to snack constantly throughout the day. But, this is hard when the bulk of your diet is filled with carbs.

Carbs are an energy source that gets used up by your body fairly quickly. So, in an effort to not always have hunger pains, you have to feed your body more carbs.

To get off this carb train, opt for denser whole food options. Have a hard boiled egg for a snack instead of a slice of banana bread.

What about switching to whole grains instead?

Whole grains aren’t much healthier for you either. They have good nutrients, but they also have anti-nutrients, which covers 80% of the entire wheat berry.

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Anti-nutrients, like lectin and phytate, plague your body and can cause a host of health problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Leaky Gut and any other intestinal permeability problems.

So, if you want to snack, try a piece of fruit and nuts. Other healthy choices are: cheese, peanut butter, and seeds.

3. Go GMO-Free

While this isn’t a food choice, it is a lifestyle choice to live by. GMOs are taking over the U.S. food supply at an alarming rate and many of us aren’t even aware of what that means.

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are taken from DNA of animals or plants and inserted into another plant. This forever alters the genetic makeup of what would normally occur in nature.

There are estimates that up to 80% of the food you see in your grocery store contain GMOs. What’s even more surprising is that many people aren’t even aware of this infiltration.

Anything from the ketchup sweetened with GMO beet sugar to the steak you buy that was fed by GMO corn is no longer clean to eat.

Why is this a concern? The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has publically announced serious health risks associated with eating designer foods.

So, how can you, a homemade laxatives, avoid as many GMO foods from your diet as possible?

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Shop the perimeter of your grocery store. Most processed foods that undoubtedly contain GMOs are usually in the center of a grocery store, while whole foods like meat, vegetables and fruit are on the perimeter.
  • Choose organic and choose local. Organic labeling strictly prohibits the use of GMO, so look for the organic label. Local farmers take the time to cater to their customers, often promoting an organic and GMO-free crop.
  • Cook your own food. It isn’t always convenient to prepare your own meals, but if you want to be healthy, make the effort to cook once in a while.

These are only 3 tips to get you re-motivated to eating healthy again. Living healthy is a lifestyle choice and losing weight is only the by-product. Tell me in the comments what you’re doing to get healthy again.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men: Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, Hair Loss is very common issue everyone is facing globally, However in the universe for any problem there is equal solution is existed so no problem – Today we at Fitaagain will about Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men. Let’s get started

Here’s Some Tips and Tricks on Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Almost we forget about the ingredients we have in natural resources as I will list below, so from today onwards stop applying hybrid or something like private products available online ok?

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I’ll be explaining you one by one – Here we go

  • Regular Applying Oil (Weekly)
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Lemon Juice Treatment
  • Egg Treatment
  • Shikkakhai Treatment (Ayurvedic)

Regular Applying Oil: – (Coconut, Almond)

Are you an employ or busy in working whole day then no problem – I have a very best solution for you (i.e.  Coconut Oil treatment – Use of Coconut oil regularly (Weekly or Daily) will result in best outcome for baldheaded persons, if you are suffering from hair loss then better apply weekly before a sleep.

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Hot Oil Treatment: –

Just take any oil solution like coconut oil or almond oil – Take some 3 to 4 Spoons of oil and boil it in a warm condition, once after finishing it, don’t apply it immediately so wait for a moment (4 – 5 Hours) – Once it get warm apply it mildly and leave it for a whole day – Enough, Practice it for a period (2 – 3 months), very soon you’ll receive positive results from this method.

Lemon Juice Treatment:-

Massage your hair scalp with Lemon Juice –Just leave it for a whole day or night here your hair will have some citric acid so that it will become strong enough to avoid hair fall henceforth, once finishing this therapy you happen to take a fresh bath and use some best shampoo for best outcomes.

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Egg Treatment:-

We at MyHealthTipsOnline.com highly recommend you to have a trail by applying this method – What is the use of this method? Seriously you’ll get benefitted, as it is a natural therapy henceforth there will not be any side effects issues.

  • Main Ingredients in Egg (Proteins and Minerals):- Iodine, Phosphorus, Zinc and Iron.
  • Process: Just take one egg and add some oil (Coconut, Almond) mix it thoroughly and apply it to your hair and let it get dry (Normally it takes some 35 minutes to dry), after that take a fresh bath with your preferred shampoo.
  • Surely you will have a great outcome that is hair re-growing.

Shikkakhai Treatment:-

This method also gives a better outcome for almost all the people globally – but how? It’s very simple formula.

  • Just take 3 – 4 spoon of Shikkakhai powder and add some oil or water (it’s your wish).
  • Apply it in your hair scalp thoroughly; wait for a while to let it get dry.
  • Once fully dried you can now have a fresh bath with your preferred shampoo.

3 Best Products for Prevent Hair Loss for Men

Here’s we have got the most admired of all – That is, Best Products for Preventing Hair Loss for Men

Let’s get started

  • Egg a day will prevent from hair loss
  • Eat Carrot Daily
  • Iron Rich Food

Egg: – Regular intake of Egg can prevent you from all the body losses you get without having it.

Eat Carrot Daily: – Regular intake of Carrot can result in having enough amounts of blood in your body, these results in preventing hair loss.

Iron Rich Food: – Regular intake of iron rich food can lead to have healthy life – You’ll surely feel very active can prevent hair loss etc…

Vitamin A:  Foods like Carrots, Pumpkins and Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A.

Vitamin C: Fruits like Guava, Oranges, Papaya, and Strawberries are rich in collagen which reinforces the vessel that supplies the hair shafts.

Here we are recommending you some best Hair Loss Products from Amazon Website

Better buy it online – The below mentioned products are highly recommended for people who heavily suffer Hair Loss so, if you want to buy it online let select anyone of below and if you are in-need of description for each of this product you may get it by clicking it.

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Be A Rockstar: 10 Tips for Launching An Awesome Guest-Posting Campaign

If you’ve run a blog for any amount of time, surely you’ve heard of the all-important traffic-generation tactic of “guest posting.” While it’s a great way to build a massive following—sometimes very quickly—it’s also a strategy that can prove difficult to implement.

Google Replaces Public Url Submission With Search Console’s”Fetch And Submit” Tool

I’ve been building blogs for a few years, but only within the past year have I been able to wrap my mind around the best way to go about launching a great guest posting campaign. These are just a few (actually, ten) of the tactics I’m currently using for my guest-posting strategy. Currently, I’m using guest posts to help build a platform online since I’m an author. However, it doesn’t matter what niche you find yourself in—I believe that you can succeed online in any avenue by launching a killer guest-posting campaign (and you’re welcome to follow along with me as I give it a shot!).

There are some absolutely wonderful resources right on this site you really should check out if you’re interested in generating traffic and how to make it as a blogger through guest posting—I’ll outline some of the tactics here, then point you in the direction of some other great writers. So, below I’ve listed out the best tactics that have worked for me, and some that I’m currently using:

  1. Start small. Pitching a post here at Blogreneurs, ProBlogger, DailyBlogTips, or Zen Habits might be a dream, but it’s also something that can quickly dash your hopes if they turn you down. Instead, start pitching smaller blogs in your niche, then work your way up to the mid-listers, and finally—shoot for the big guns: the industry leaders in your chosen niche. I like to focus on finding the sites that are slightly larger than mine, then read their content to get an idea for what they’ll accept. A good rule of thumb is to pitch to blogs that are about 10 times your size—meaning if you have 100 daily visitors, pitch to sites that have around 1,000. Why? In my experience these “midsize” blogs are more likely to accept your post—they’re not inundated with thousands of blog posts every week.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to blogs that have posted guidelines. Lots of blogs have a page dedicated to explaining their guest posting guidelines. Obviously, follow them exactly if they’re present. If the site does have guest posts, but doesn’t have a list of guidelines, don’t let it discourage you from sending an email or tweet, asking them if they’d entertain your post. See below for my “standard” query email.
  3. Send them a query first. I don’t want to waste other peoples’ time by sending a fully-written post without even knowing if they’ll accept (unless they specifically say otherwise). I like to send a quick email like this: “Hey [blogger], thanks for everything you do. I was wondering if you’d be open to running a guest post of mine. I have something that I know would be a great fit for you titled: “[post title]” Let me know if there are any changes you’d like me to make!” They’ll usually tell you what changes, if any, they’re going to make, but it’s nice to be open and forgiving about their edits from the beginning. And don’t treat bloggers like they’re robots—tell them why you like their site, and be specific. Be genuine, yet to-the-point. They’re people, but they’re busy people.
  4. Have a plan for capturing readers. Once someone comes along, sees your great post, and wants to check out what else you’ve written, have a plan in place for getting them to become repeat readers. I send people who read my guest posts to a specific landing page on my own blog. Usually they’ll find similar content, an RSS subscription option, and a call-to-action that urges them to sign up for my mailing list. You don’t want to write a post, have readers click through to your site, and get lost in all the “stuff” going on there—make it easy to get them through your funnel.*
  5. Have a great plan. I used to write and send my guest posts individually (meaning I’d write, send, wait, and start over). There’s a much better way, though: plan out your “blog tour” using a spreadsheet or document. List the site, the post title, and where in the process the post is (“To-Do,” “Sent,” or “Accepted”). Then, I like to include the anchor text and link that I’ve used in the post’s byline. Doing all of this helps me track and manage the campaign, so I can be sure to be around on the host sites when my posts go live.
  6. Don’t give up. If your posts get rejected, don’t worry—they still belong to you. You can re-pitch the post to another blog, or just post them on your own site. Either way, you haven’t lost anything. I’ve had posts accepted at blogs that had rejected me previously. They’re not rejecting you, just the post—rework it, rewrite it, or pitch something different altogether. The first guest post I ever pitched was accepted at one of the largest blogging sites on the net. I thought I’d hit the “big times” and went on to write and send off two or three more posts. Every single one of them was rejected. I pretty much gave up, threw in the towel, and didn’t blog for almost six months. Don’t let that be you—accept the fact that bloggers usually have a full schedule of guest posts already (another reason is that your writing really isn’t ready for the world to see… spend some time on that first).
  7. Stick around. If your post does go live, be sure you give your readers—and the blog’s host—the benefit of sticking around to respond to comments. Remember, while you’re aiming for a backlink and exposure, your blog host is aiming for building a great comment stream and attention from the post. That’s why I add the go-live date to that spreadsheet when the post is scheduled to go live (usually bloggers will let you know what day it’ll be; if not, ask.). I want to be able to connect, engage, and start a dialogue with my readers–whether they’re on my own blog or someone else’s. Plus, it seems pretty stuck-up to write a great post, have it published, then ditch the grateful host who’s posted it on their site. Consider the “sticking around part” part of the guest-posting process.
  8. Help them promote the post. Since I usually know days or weeks in advance that I’m going to a guest post go live, I can use an automation service to schedule a few Tweets about it. Also, I’ll prepare a blog post of my own, linking to the guest post and the host’s website, to run a couple of days after. Finally, I add the links to my newsletters, and help add the sites to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.
  9. Follow up. Thank the blogger for running your post. I send a quick thank-you email (they’re busy people, remember?) or reach out to them on Twitter. This just seals the deal a bit more, and helps to build a great relationship with them.
  10. Build relationships. Every blogger I’ve worked with has become more approachable to me. I feel like I could send them an email, shout-out on Twitter, or even pick up the phone and call them. You should strive to have a long-term relationship with each of these hosts, and help them build their own followings. It is reciprocal, and it will pay off down the road.

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When Do You Write Your Posts?

When do you write your posts?

No, I am not talking about the specific time or the time of the day.

I am talking about the situation – do you write just before publishing it?

Or do you write it in advance?

And why?

Does it matter?

Google Replaces Public Url Submission With Search Console’s”Fetch And Submit” Tool

Yes, it matters, like most other things.

It can have a considerable amount of effect upon you and your blog posts.

I have written almost all of my posts just before I publish it (includes this post).

Why, you might ask.

Well, because I like it and because I can find some good reasons to validate my position.

Writing before publishing exerts pressure on my mind – I know and realize that the post must be written soon and published.

(Note: for some people, this might cause a negative effect: The pressure or tension caused by pressure can cause them to write something and publish it for the sake of it. It can also tire a person out).

I don’t plan any of my posts. I just find an idea and write about it.

The pressure or tension caused by the pressure has awarded me with many other ideas or things I need to talk about in a specific post.

There are of course other factors too – Sometimes I just write the post once I get the idea (This helps me to explore the ideas even further and get a better understanding of the topic).

Anyways, those are just my thoughts.

Now, when do you write your posts? Do you have any specific reasons for writing at that situation

Do you write it just before publishing it?

Or do you like to write and schedule it (no pressure, right? Lots of time).

Ultimately, you should stick with what that is most comfortable for you 

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What’s Your Commenting Policy on Your Guest Posts?

Commenting and guest posting are two subjects that never get old.

Why? Because they matter a lot.

And because they can make big changes in your blogging career.

I have seen a lot of bloggers talk about commenting and guest posting individually (and commenting before guest posting).

But, I have rarely read an article about commenting on your own guest posts (Yes, first you go write the post, then you are supposed to promote it, and wait for the feedback.

And once the feedback rolls in, you have to reply back.

Right? Of course.

But, those are just the basics.

We aren’t looking for the basics.

We are looking to build awesome relationships with those commentators (and drive them back to your blog!).

For that, you need to:

  • Reply to the comments you get (pretty basic!)
  • Comment before you guest post

Commenting before guest posting establishes you as a familiar face within the community (At the same time, it helps you build a better relationship with the blog owner and his/her audience).

  • Answer and ask further questions

For each comment you get, see how you can take the conversation even further (I know this seems like a time sucking activity and not a lot of people do it – Heck, I don’t do it either, for all my comments, because I don’t really like the time spend for replying to the comments I get through guest posting).

Ask further questions depending upon the comment. For instance: If the person agrees with you, ask them what made them to agree with them. Ask them whether they have considered the option of disagreeing (whether they thought about the other side).

If the person disagrees with you, ask them why (if it isn’t already mentioned). Ask them about their personal experiences relating to their decision (if they list any personal experiences, ask deeper questions regarding it).

Remember: No question is silly. Comments are conversations. You are talking to that person, so ask any question (of course, that is related) to the person.

  • Thank the person

Thanking them is extremely important, because they aren’t your audience. Thank them for reading your post and commenting on it.

  • Comment luv Links

In your discussions, you can also mention articles you wrote early and link them in comment luv (only do this, if it matters – don’t do it for the sake of link building). Use comment luv links, try to link to articles that are relateable to the comment. If you can’t find any, link to articles based on impression (You want the commentator impressed by the post, so link to those pillar posts!).

The Wrap?

Those are my thoughts, regarding commenting on your guest posts.

Other than that, nothing.

Just follow your normal commenting rules.

Be a real person, be honest.

Leave honest feedback.

Help others.

And help yourself 

So, what are your thoughts?

What do you do to improve your conversations on your guest posts?

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6 Useful Blogging Ideas For Bloggers

Have you already chosen a platform for your blogs? If so, have you decided on a topic yet?

This is the common dilemma that most bloggers face, especially those who are new to the blogosphere. I have personally experienced this when I started. In fact, I had no idea how to start my posts or how to gain an audience for them.

However, as time passed, I learnt about the ins and outs of the blogging industry—from the most effective writing styles to the most efficient techniques in engaging your fanbase.

To explain further, here’s a breakdown of all that I’ve learned:

1. Write about what you love

What are you blogging about? Fashion? Cars? Toys? College? Online games? Dating? Sex? Whatever it is, make sure that it is “you”.

Starting a blog may sound like an easy task, and it is!

However, maintaining it is where the real work begins since you got to have at least two posts each week, if not each day, to keep your readers interested. And if you have no real interest in the topic you chose, you will likely end up with either poor posts or a stagnant blog.

Personally, I have gone through this crisis. In the beginning, I found it incredibly tempting to write about so many things since my interests vary (something that I’m sure most of you are).

Nevertheless, stick to what you love talking about. Know your passion and blog about it. Don’t choose famous topics in an effort to gain readers quickly. Most importantly, don’t bait them into subscribing to your posts by promising them with prizes, freebies, and give-aways. That’s just a cheap shot and isn’t how you should gain an audience.

Ultimately, what you’re aiming for is to reach out to people who love what you love, and let them bask in your thoughts and insights while learning about what they think about your ideas.

Simply put, your blog should be a reflection of yourself.

2. Be original

The blogosphere is a rapidly expanding universe, with thousands of bloggers already established as “credible” and a thousand others who are gaining their own fanbase. With this kind of competition, it can be quite daunting to stand out, especially if you are just a beginner.

Also, it’s quite tricky to be noticed when your topic has already been discussed by a thousand others.

This is where your creativity and skill as a writer comes in. No matter how common the niche is, or how irrelevant it may seem (like two-ply vs. three-ply tissues), it all boils down to how you present it to your audience, how you formulate your ideas, and how you develop the syntactical structure of your posts.

So even if the premise of your blog is the same with others, you giving it a new twist may be enough to make it more appealing to readers.

3. Focus on the quality of your posts

A common problem for most bloggers is the fluctuating quality of their posts. In a week, one may write an interesting article, the next might be something okay, and the week after is a post that goes blah.

Yes, I’ve personally struggled with this. So, how did I cope? Simple: I didn’t force myself.

Although posting at least two articles per week may be ideal, it may not turn out as good if you’re only writing for the sake of having something to upload.

Indeed, never compromise the quality of your articles, even when you are chasing deadlines yourself. Write something that YOU would like to read and learn about and try to avoid what’s already obvious to your readers—they are not naïve. Often, worthless outputs may only sacrifice their loyalty to your blog, which basically means that you may lose your audience over irrelevant musings.

4. Enhance your photos and videos

One easy way to attract and keep readers is to entice them with creative and relevant images. This may mean that you have to improve your photography skills—that is if you are capturing pictures and videos yourself.

Now if you’re already thinking of high-end DSLR and tutorials, stop right there. You don’t have to become an expert photographer for you to present interesting images.

For one thing, there is Adobe Photoshop. I’m sure most of you are familiar with this software and many may even be using it right at this moment. Although it might take a little while learning the basics, once you get the hang of it, you can proceed with editing like a pro.

5. Develop your online credibility

Once you have gained a significant fanbase (10+ subscribers to your RSS feeds) you will know that your blog is gaining traction in the blogosphere. And to boost your reputation, you must develop an air of “authority” in your blog.


Present your ideas on a particular topic based on facts.

How timely are your posts? Are you merely offering your own insights to a common idea? Are you presenting your thoughts with regards to factual information?

Meanwhile, it also helps if you know how to verify facts for the topics you discuss. So even if you’re blogging about dating where it’s hard finding something “factual”, you can use statistics and university studies revolving gender and interaction. Moreover, when talking about pop literature, gather facts from different sources and synthesise your insights based on your researched facts.

In the end, remember that what you are saying influences your readers, one way or the other. Hence, it’s important that you give them relevant and credible ideas every time. Often, only through this can you build a thriving reputation in the world of guest posting service.

6. Promote through various social media channels

Jump on the bandwagon! Needless to say, it’s one of the best things you can do to tell people, “Hey! I have a blog. Come check it out!”

Now, if you don’t have Facebook and Twitter accounts yet, now is the perfect time to make them. These are certainly two of the best means you can use to access and interact with a global network of Internet users. But instead of just tweeting to people whom you share a common interests with, do follow them and read their blogs too to ‘return the favour’.

Google Replaces Public Url Submission With Search Console’s”Fetch And Submit” Tool

Also, each time you have a new post, try to tweet or post a status about it. At the same time, sneak in a link to your site. Undeniably, this is a simple but effective method of advertisement that will work wonders to reaching out to your fanbase.

However, be careful not to overdo this because your followers or friends may consider your posts “spammy” which is not at all good for your reputation.


As a last tip, be sure to have fun. This is what blogging is all about. It’s a way for you to express your insights on certain subjects, interact with people who share your interests, and be part of a community of writers. Stop worrying about gaining an audience; be patient because blogging certainly takes time. Remember: good things come to those who wait.

Good luck!

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